Thursday, 9 June 2011

No One's Perfect by Hirotada Ototake

What will a parent do if they have a child with disability? Should they feel ashamed? Hide their kid from people and real world? Or even worst, just put that poor kid into orphanage or boarding school. Sounds cruel right? But that's reality. And we all know how suck reality is (sometimes). And how about that baby itself? What will they do when they have no hands and legs? Will they feel ashamed of their self? Will they lock their self up from the world??

Meet Hirotada Ototake. Born with no arms nor legs. His parent (thanks GOD) never hide him from real world. They even put him into public school with 'normal' kids. 

Here, you read about his journey from the day he was born until his life at Waseda University. How he mingled with his normal friends. How he try to live his life and be as normal as he can. Life never been easy, not even for normal people that's for sure. But every thing can be much easier when you focus on it and open yourself for every support you can get.

(Bought this book on Dec 29, 2001)

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