Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Untuk Indonesia yang Kuat by Ligwina Hananto

I know this book when I blog walking to Dela's Blog. How she describes this book really fascinates me. So last month I finally bought it as B'day gift for myself. And it turned out that IT IS a really good book.
It's about middle class people like us. Yes. Us. Like most of us who lived proper, able to shop and hang out with family and friends and even take a vacation at least once a year. Look nice isn't it?? Are you sure?? Well.. don't be so sure coz here, we'll finally realize that we don't have any proper plan nor action in order to have proper pension. For short, we don't have anything in plan to live our life as fun as we had now.

Prepare yourself to get slapped in face. Kinda scary na? But wait. This book not only talk about your (our) mistake in handling money, but also provides you with steps you should take in order to fix you financial plan. Never to late to have a better live. Honestly!! It's really an eye opening book.

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