Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Buku Baru yang Lama

Hasil jalan-jalan ke Blok M Square setelah kunjungan ke klien selesai. 

3 buah buku baru (tapi lama) ;)

Buku-buku cerita terbitan Balai Pustaka.

Just like I used to have (my mommy bought it for me in the past)

Sama sekali ga nyangka bisa dapet buku cerita ini lagi. 


Happy Reading ;)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

After the Music by Dina Palmer

What will you if one of your best friend come to you and ask for a help? I bet you will give him (her) a hand right?

Well.. same thing happen to Sabina, a young gal who work as a singer in a club. When her best friend ask for help, she can't resist. Even when Al wants from her is that Sabina pretend to be his fiancee.
That small favor turn into disaster when Al's big brother accusing her as materialistic and cheap gal. Not only that. He tried to dump Sabina from Al's life. And for that, Thorn will do anything. Including revealing Sabina's past. A dark secret that she kept for years. 

Can she survive??

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New Crafting Book from Netherlands

Last week I received a package from my Aunty in Netherlands. A huge package actually. So among other thing, I found this 2 croknit book. 

Yay!! So happy although I still don't know how to read it nor find someone who can translate it for me.


This one is about stitches in knitting

There's lots of wearable knitting pattern here

Monday, 13 June 2011

Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine

Czechoslovakia, Japan and Canada.  Three different country, three different continent. All connected to each other by one name. Hana Brady.

In March 2000, a suitcase arrived at Holocaust Education Center - Tokyo Japan. 'Hana Brady, May 16 1931, Waisenkind' were written on the outside of that suitcase. Waisenkind is Germany for Orphan.

Who's Hana Brady?
What is she look like?
What's happened to her?
Is she alive?

That kind of question (and still many more of them) were asked by kid's when they see Hana's Suitcase in Exhibition room of that center. Fumiko Ishikawa, Director of Holocaust Education Center worked hard to find the answer. 

Hana Brady. Pretty young Jewish gal with blond hair and blue eyes. Lived happily with her parent and older brother George. Her world was great. Full with laugh, joy and fun. Playing and dancing. But all then fade away and turn into never ending nightmares when Hitler with his NAZI start to give so many boundaries for Jewish. 

No more school. No more movie. No more friends. Not even Mom and Dad. NAZI take her mom and dad away. Then she and George were to sent away to a concentration camp where she got to work in field with less meal. Life get even worst. They took George to. They were separated. 

Alone with no family besides her, Hana strive to survive. Her dreams is to see her brother again. 

On October 23 1944, after a night on train, Hana and so many other Jewish arrived on a place. There she joined with many other hostage in a big barrack. Should she found her brother there??