Wednesday, 13 October 2010

MSB aka My Stupid Boss

I finally bought this book yesterday after hearing so many people who said that it's really a funny book. And it is!!

You know .. I red it on my way home and some people in train were staring at me coz I can't help to smile and even giggle. 

It's about an annoying, stupid but yet stubborn boss. Reading it, I can't help to remember all my own boss's stupidity. Before I red this book, I feel that I'm the unluckiest staff in the whole world. But now, I feel happy with the fact that I'm not alone. I do feel sorry for the author, but yet.. 2 THUMBS up for her. Coz she still alive and care to share this story to us. 
I really recommended this book to all who have miserable boss or miserable day at work.
Happy Reading ^_^

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