Wednesday, 28 July 2010

WishList I

Just finished browsing @ and

I think I've found some books that I want.. so let's just write it down. Who knows.. maybe I could have it soon ^_^
Dwilogi by Andrea Hirata 

I don't really know what this book about. I just choose it coz it got 'rainbow' for its title :D

Interested to this book after watched 'Kick Andy' on Metro Tv
Tiiie, from recommended this book to me

Me and my best friend are so in love with Mr. Darcy from Jane Austeen's Pride & Prejudice

Hmm.. I think that would be enough for today. Can't steal much working time for browsing :D. Anyway.. I got those pic from bukukita (i love that site), gramedia (love that bookstore) and google.

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